Valentine’s Day is important all around the world, but every country celebrates a little differently. It celebrates a saint name St. Valentine who lived in Rome around the year 200 AD. He helped Christians get married although it was illegal in Rome. People began to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a romantic day around the year 1400. The first Valentine card was written by Charles, Duke of Orleans (France) to his wife, in 1415 AD.

In the United States, Valentine’s Day is very popular. It can be a romantic day or just a day to tell people they are special. In schools, children decorate bags or boxes with hearts and flowers. Then, on Valentine’s Day, everyone brings little cards for the entire class. The cards are called Valentines and often have pictures of popular movies or cartoons (like High School Musical!) Sometimes children give little candies too, like M&Ms or sweets in the shape of a heart. Usually, there’s a special Valentine for the teacher! If you like a person, on Valentine’s Day you can ask them, “Will you be my Valentine?” Or, you can use poetry to tell them. Here’s a popular poem:

I like coffee

I like tea

I like you

Do you like me?



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