Like everywhere in the world, sports are a very important part of American culture. Unfortunately, for people like me who’s favourite sport is football, it’s a little difficult to enjoy what I love back in the United States. Where he in Europe, football is a way of life, in the United States it is just another sport among many we enjoy. Football is actually called “soccer” in America and what is called football there is what everyone else in the world refers to as American Football, involving helmets and pads. Soccer is a growing sport in America though and with Major League Soccer expanding, it is attempting to become one of the world’s powerhouse leagues. As everyone knows, it has a very long way to go when competing with the power of the European leagues.

 Among American football, the other mostly dominant sports in America are baseball and basketball.

As for me, I truly hope football; real football continues to grow in the USA so people can come to love the sport as I do. Part of what I have enjoyed most about living in Spain has been the opportunity to enjoy the football culture and support Real Madrid, my favourite team and my life as many at the school know.




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