Say HELLO to the second grade class at Alvin Dunn Elementary School in San Marcos, California. They have sent in their picture all the way from the United States and would like to tell you a little about their school and class…

School Information– The students of Alvin Dunn Elementary start school at age five in Kindergarten. Then they continue each year in first grade, second grade…and graduate from Alvin Dunn after they complete fifth grade at age ten. Then it is off to “middle school” and later “high school.” There are about 950 students at Alvin Dunn and 53 teachers. Out of the students at Alvin Dunn 85% are of Hispanic/Latino and 35% of the students are native Spanish speakers.

School Schedule– Students at Alvin Dunn start school at 9:00 in the morning (just like here at Andres Segoviga). During the school day the students get two 15 minute recesses and one 30 minute lunch. After lunch the students go out and play on the swings, skip rope, and talk with friends. After a fun day of learning at school students go home at 3:30 pm. After school there is a homework club where all students can stay and work together on their homework. The Homework Club is open from 3:30 until 5:30pm and after homework there are snacks and sports like basketball and baseball.

Mrs. Sorlie’s Class– second grade classroom is in room number sixteen. There are four different second grade classes at Alvin Dunn. In Mrs. Sorlie’s class there are twenty-four students. There are students from different parts of the world, including, The United States, Mexico, Israel, and Guatemala. In room sixteen they have a class pet hamster named “Bonnie.” The favourite time of the week for the students in room sixteen is theatre/music. During theatre/music students get to make costumes, put on plays, and sing. Last month the Mrs. Sorlie’s class worked on the “The Lion King” and learned about African dance. Other students really like art and painting! At the end of the school year Mrs. Sorlie is going with all of her students to the beach for a fieldtrip to celebrate a great year!

There sure are a lot of similarities in-between our school and Mrs. Sorlie’s school! But there also are differences. Do you have any other questions for Mrs. Sorlie’s class? If you do have more questions or would like to tell Mrs. Sorlie’s class about Andres Segovia ask your teacher about writing to them and sending them your picture!

Ashley Atkins



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