Fourth grade students have researched about the life of these interesting animals that disappeared hundreds of millions of years. This investigation was showed in two very nice posters. They were done by all the boys and girls in the class.

               Ernesto, Alicia y Natalia belong to 4th B group and they show us their work.


Meaning: Different  reptile.

Length : 12 meters  (39 feet ).

Height : 4.5  meters ( feet ).

Weight : 2,000  kilograms ( 4,400 pounds ) .

Type of feeds : Meat eats (carnivore ).

Teeth : Dodger – like teeth with serrated edges.

Food : Setegosaurus, Diplodocus.

How it walked: walking on two legs.

Periodid: Jurassic.

Other facts : Its very large teeth curved backwards to prevent prey from escaping.




Meaning: iguana tooth.

Length: 9 meters (30 feet).

Height:5 (16 feet ).

Weight : 4,500 kilograms (10,000 ).

Type of feeder: plant eater (herbivore).

Teeth : Small cheek teeth , a  toothless beak.

Food : Plants, ferns.

How it walked: walked on four legs, cauld also walk on two legs to reach higher        vegetation.

Period: Cretáceos

Other facts: It had a bony, spike for a thumb.




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