Hi, my name is Rupert and I live in a town called Saltash, in the county of Cornwall.  My town has a population of about 100,000 people, which means that it is about half the size of Mostoles.  In my town there is a big river, called the River Tamar.  In the summer, I like to go canoeing on the river with my friends.


The nearest big city to Saltash is called Plymouth.  Plymouth is a famous city in British history.  When the Spanish Armada fought the English in 1588, the English boats set sail from Plymouth.  And in the 17th century, the Pilgrims set sail from Plymouth to go to America.


My county, Cornwall, is very special to me.  Cornwall is in the south west of Great Britain.  It has a lot of beaches and beautiful countryside.  The countryside and the climate is very similar to Galicia in Spain.


Cornwall is famous in England for its food, for example, the ‘pasty’, which is like an empanada with meat, ‘stargazey pie’, which is a pie made with fish, and ‘clotted cream’, which is very delicious and thick.


The people of Cornwall are called the ‘Cornish’.  In the past, Cornwall was independent from England, and had its own customs and traditions.  It even had its own language, which was similar to Welsh.  However, everyone in Cornwall speaks English now, and a lot of the old customs don’t exist anymore.




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